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Before you contact us with your query, make sure you can't find the answer yourself on our website. The FAQs cover the questions our call centre is most frequently asked. Simple answers are provided with links to further information. You can also use the search facility.

If you CAN'T find your answer please use the form below.

Choice Exercise:

If you wish to enquire about the Choice Exercise, please do not use this form. Instead please email us at

Change of address:

If you wish to change your address then you can now do this through this page.

Firstly select the 'Change of address' option from the drop down menu below. Then please confirm your old address in the first part of the form. Finally, enter your new address in the comments box provided.

If you have included your e-mail address you will receive and automated response confirming that your request has been received. Once your address has been changed you will receive written confirmation in due course. Please allow a little time for this confirmation to reach you.

Members requiring an estimate of your benefits:

If you work for the NHS or a GP Practice please ask your pension/payroll/HR department/practice manager for an estimate of your retirement benefits as the majority of employers have access to an online retirement modelling tool that is available 24/7. This will be much quicker than requesting one from NHS Pensions as this could take up to 8 weeks. If your employer does not have access to this service or you are a deferred member please complete the electronic form below.

Replies by post:

We will reply to requests for information by post. This may take several weeks to reach you.

Employers please note:

If you are an NHS Employer, GP Practice, or Direction Body you will need to enter a valid EA/GP/Miscellaneous Code or a National Insurance (NI) Number or a Scheme Reference Number. Further information on these can be found at the bottom of this page after the form. Do not use spaces or punctuation when adding these numbers. It doesn't matter if you use capitals or small letters.

Got a question? Complete the following form to submit an enquiry to NHS Pensions.

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Please choose the option to which your query relates:
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EA/GP/Miscellaneous Codes : 4-digit code is assigned to an Employing Authority (e.g. Hospital, Direction Employer). GP Practice codes start with a letter followed by 3-digits. (Ensure that codes starting with O or I are entered as letters). Miscellaneous third-party service providers (e.g. Accountants) are assigned a 3-digit reference followed by the letter ‘M’.

National Insurance (NI) Number: Used to record a person’s National Insurance contributions and as a reference number for social security purposes. It is in the format LLNNNNNNL (where ‘L’ is a letter and ‘N’ is a number).

Scheme Reference Number: All members of the NHS Pension Scheme are assigned an 8-digit reference number. In communications with NHS Pensions this is referred to as your ‘SD’ number. The number starts with two digits that correspond with the year in which the Scheme Member was born (e.g. the SD Number of a member born in 1968 would start with ‘68’). (Do not enter ‘SD’ in this box – only the 8-digit number). It is possible to have more than one SD number but all would start with the last two figures of the year you were born.

Please Note: The NHS Business Services Authority may contact you to seek feedback on our customer services to determine ways for us to improve them in future.