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Members who are contributing to the NHS Pension Scheme can pay increased contributions to buy Additional Pension (AP) that will provide a maximum of £5000 extra pension a year in the 1995/2008 Scheme and £6500 extra pension a year in the 2015 Scheme, when they are retired. The minimum amount that can be bought is £250.

Members may choose to pay either in instalments or by a lump sum payment. Employers can also buy AP on a member’s behalf but can only do so by a lump sum payment.

For payment in instalments members must choose a payment period of between 1 and 20 whole years, which must end before reaching the age when the AP is due to be paid. Spreading instalments over a longer period costs more. The amount of the instalment is set at the outset. Employers must deduct the same amount of money every month unless instructed by NHS Pensions that it has changed.

For purchase by lump sum the full payment must be received within 1 month of the application being accepted by NHS Pensions. An invoice will be sent to the employer confirming the amount due. If payment is made within 1 month the purchase is complete but if it is not received the application for AP will be cancelled.

The calculator is for members who are considering buying AP. It allows them to see how much different AP increases will cost. Before buying AP members and employers must read the more detailed information in the Increasing your benefits factsheet and Additional Pension FAQs. They can be found by clicking on the following link

Click here if you wish to obtain a quotation

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